Young’s Dental Practice looks closely at all the possible¬† causes of your problems and tries to prevent further issues. Clenching/Grinding/ Bruxism/TMD¬† are all terms used when discussing jaw problems and dental occlusion, which basically means the way you bite together.

Your dentist may have surprised you by saying that your dental problem(s) could be partly caused by clenching/grinding. We are finding an increasing number of our clients are being affected by this and are not aware as the damage is done at night when you are asleep.

You can often, but not always, wake up with toothache as you have been putting so much pressure on your teeth that it has damaged nerves endings. The damage can be so severe that the nerve can die or you even split the tooth.

We also see a variety of problems such as toothache, broken teeth/fillings, sensitive teeth, and loose teeth as a result. In fact, many or all dental problems as well as other muscle problems can be caused by clenching/grinding. A number of other problems are closely associated with grinding such as earache/dizziness, aching back/shoulder/neck, headaches/migraines.

In some cases a simple appliance may help.

Young’s Dental Practice is delighted to be partnered with S4S which gives us access to a wide selection of services and products to help our clients who suffer from snoring or grinding complaints.

S4S is a specialist splint laboratory which provides whitening trays, sports mouth guards and a full range of fixed and removable Orthodontic appliances.

Thanks to their commitment to quality they have been awarded the industry kitemark – DAMAS.

Here is a link to the S4S page on Bruxism, containing all the information you need! If you think you have a problem with Bruxism, please book a check up with one of our dentists: