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Dental phobias? No fear – choose us!

With our Minimal Intervention Dentistry ethos and preventative approach we can offer you many ways of allaying worries or dental phobias.

We thoroughly investigate your problem(s) BEFORE treating and we offer a FREE tour and consultation in a non clinical setting either with a dentist or senior staff team member.

We have relaxation/ hypnosis techniques. We can use the air abrasion which is DRILL FREE dentistry often not even requiring injections. We only do techniques that minimally remove tooth structure and use materials that can REPAIR tooth structure. We strive to reduce your future treatment by understanding your problems and by taking more time to listen to you in the long run this will save your teeth and your money!!

Examination. We use the latest technology such as Diagnodent ( Kavo) CarieScan / Sopralife ( Acteon) / Proface( W&H). These all help us to diagnose disease and confirm the need to you and us that treatment really is needed. All too often we see dental treatment that has been done unnecessarily!

Magnifying Glasses. We use these ALL the time. They magnify your teeth 2.6X giving us a far better view of those small teeth!

Intra-oral camera. We have these in every room allowing us to show you what is needing done or just a good photo of your teeth. Before and after photos at 125x magnification.

Treatment. All our specialist equipment is TOTALLY geared to causing the least discomfort and loss of tooth structure. REPAIR rather THAN REPLACE where possible. Air abrasion through the use of the revolutionary Aquacut can remove damaged tooth without a drill.


If we cannot use the air abrasion then we use brilliant micro burs which are the smallest available made in Germany by Komet. We also use ceramic burs which are sharp so that they ONLY remove diseased tooth leaving good tooth behind.

Remineralisation Products. Decayed / damaged tooth CAN repair WITHOUT drilling! We have a wide range of products in surgery and for home use. We have Flairesse from DMG. This comes in the form of pastes/ gel/ foam and gel. It has been PROVEN that by applying twice a year they help the body repair the damaged tooth. For home use we have a wide variety of products to help you reduce the chances of needing further treatment. The main product brand we sell is the UltraDex range which, again, is proven to work and is a great British product!

Hypnosis/ relaxation. If you have any real fears or worries of having treatment we can book you in for some sessions with Sheena. She has had advanced training in techniques to eliminate or reduce those fears. ALSO. Kirsteen is the resident physiotherapist and she has had extensive training in acupuncture and sports massage which can relieve those tense areas and locate where the problem lies. www.actionfirstphysio.com

Oral Health Advice IS FREE at Young’s Dental Practice ! The most important part in all of this is helping you to understand what is going wrong with your teeth and gums. For this reason we provide AN EXCLUSIVE service to explain this and to show you how to maintain optimal oral health. You can book an one-to-one session with our highly trained staff who will go through ways you can reduce your treatment needs. If you would like someone else to show your kids how to look after their teeth please just ask WE CAN HELP and love to do so.

We never regard you as just another patient file. Everyone is different. Everyone needs a plan tailored to suit them. We will treat you with humility and empathy and give you our HONEST diagnosis and treatment plan. By spending extra time and care reduce your need for treatment in the future. We hope that you take time to read through what unique facilities and services that we offer. As we said please just ring for a FREE no-obligation guided tour and consultation (not a dental chair examination).