Cosmetic Treatment Options

At Youngs Dental Practice we are mercury-free so we do not use amalgam fillings at our Practice. We  pride ourselves in the quality of cosmetic dentistry that we can provide. We have many years of experience and work with dental technicians of equally high quality.

Non-invasive treatment for tooth loss using composite filling material.



Treatment by Hemraj Luniya

Emergency Reconstructive Treatment

Recently a young man attended after an unfortunate accident where he fractured his front teeth. He was very concerned and wanted his teeth rebuilding as soon as possible as he was going abroad for a work assignment. Raj carried out the treatment of building the teeth back up with white filling material which gained outstanding natural results. The patient was thrilled with the aesthetic outcome. No tooth structure was removed in this procedure. The patient left a lovely testimonial and couldn’t thank Raj enough.


Minimal Invasive Composite Restorations

Tiny amount of staining and decay removed in order to minimise tooth loss.

DSC_0467                          DSC_0472

Layered Composites ( Fillings)

Resin composite provides a great result that is quick and requires minimal preparation, with a range of characteristics that mimic the natural tooth.

Comp 1                                 Comp2

Old worn and stained composite fillings  replaced with modern composite which gives a natural and beautiful appearance By James Pegg

DSC_8074ii                                 DSC_8078ii

Old Silver Amalgam filling (before)                                                     New Tooth Coloured Composite filling (after)

All Photographs courtesy of dentistry completed by James Pegg (BDS DPDS)’


Tooth Whitening

We currently use external bleaching  kits with excellent results. Your dentist will make trays that fit your teeth and provide you with the gel and full instructions. You are advised to wear the trays for 2-3 weeks for 2-3 hours per day for maximum effect.

5   6    Boutique Whitening 425 x 200

Internal Whitening

Internal Bleaching 1                Internal Bleaching 2


We also offer Sylc treatment, which is a spray that not only removes staining but provides the tooth structure with an enamel like protective coating, thus reducing sensitivity.


We provide different types of crowns, from basic porcelain bonded to metal free. We work alongside some of the best laboratory technicians and achieve very natural looking results.

We also offer interest-free credit for cosmetic treatments, so book your FREE consultation now.