Young’s – Minimal Intervention Dentists in Snaith

Our aim at Young’s Dental Practice near Selby is for total oral health or restorative treatment through our range of top quality dental services. Our first priority at all times is providing the best possible care for our patients. We use ONLY tooth coloured fillings with the LATEST bonding materials allowing the minimum amount of drilling/tooth loss.

Periodontal... time spent without constraints is time well spent on treating the silent gum disease.

Cosmetic — including crowns , veneers, bridges, adults braces and dentures.

All our service and treatments are chosen from the very best that UK dentistry has to offer. The team are continuously updating their skills and will always have solutions to discuss and help you chose the best course of action.

Wherever possible, we will look for a minimal intervention option that will save you discomfort, money and time whilst in our practice.

A ‘treatment co-ordinator’ can always go through a treatment plan with you and compare options etc.

We try to prevent suffering from dental decay, periodontal (gum) disease and reducing the amount of treatments through incorporating Minimal Intervention Dentistry (MID).

Our dentists in Snaith take a more holistic approach to your dental health and consider other factors that may be affecting it.

We will always try to repair rather than replace damaged tooth/filling and so reduce the trauma to you and your teeth. We use materials that “stick” to your teeth to reduce the need for drilling.

We can also use our new Air Abrasion unit, which literally blows away tooth decay or cut out a cavity without the need for drilling and sometimes we can avoid local anaesthetic as well. We can use our HealOzone unit that covers the decay with ozone and has been shown to “kill” the bugs that cause tooth decay.

For Periodontal (gum) disease, we closely examine you for signs of disease and advise you on the action required. We can demonstrate to you how to improve your tooth brushing technique and possibly scale and polish appointments using our ultra sonic scaler. We also sell a wide range of oral care products, which are not available in the shops.

Young's Dental Practice Selby

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