• To guide our patients along a path of optimal dental health and wellness.

  • To be non-judgemental and deliver the highest possible level of care with empathy and understanding.

  • Continually pursue excellence through continual education , personal and team growth and mastery of leading technology.

  • Treat our patients as individuals. Deliver this care with first class , five star service.

  • Respect our patients time.

  • Accept our patients as partners in their wellness.

  • Assume a leadership role as a resource – a window of information with concern.

  • Our patients overall well-being.



Holistic Approach

Here at Young’s Dental Practice we treat each of our patients as an individual and take an holistic approach to their health.

We take care to understand each person’s concerns and wishes. Some people may be anxious about visiting the dentist, some may want a more approachable dentist that they can easily communicate with, or feel completely comfortable with and others may want to have good quality dental treatment but have financial concerns.

We very much appreciate people’s concern for their health, and therefore we maintain very high standards in all aspects of our services, including cleanliness, sterilisation, materials and technology. We comply with the General Dental Council and Care Quality Commission regulations and guidelines and our staff are very experienced and highly trained. We do our very best to work to the highest standards.

Prevention is definitely better than cure and the key to prevention is education. This is why we take care to also educate our patients. If you can acquire, understand and apply the knowledge and skills to maintain good dental health and prevent problems, you can be in control of your own dental health, and consequently need minimal help from professionals. We believe that we offer very special dental care at an affordable price and we strive to give you satisfaction with every visit that you kindly make to see us and welcome you each time.