We’re leading the way in Minimal Invasion Dentistry in the North of England

We are very passionate about our dentistry and over a number of years we have created an award-winning practice that takes an holistic approach. We constantly strive to prevent patients suffering from dental decay and gum disease. How do we this this so successfully? – by using proven methods and technology that are known in the industry as Minimal Invasion Dentistry (MID).

This means we take a more holistic approach to your dental health and consider other factors that may be affecting it, so it’s not just your teeth that we care about. You can also look at it in the same terms as Key Hole Surgery which is now routine in the UK – we simply take the same minimalist intervention approach when it comes to your teeth. Such is our dedication to this approach to dentistry, that our staff aren’t just leading providers of minimal invasion dentistry in Yorkshire; they’re prominent minimal intervention dentistry experts in the North of England as a whole too.

Our preventative approach at Young’s Dental Practice involves us all working together. We don’t lecture, but advise and support to ensure that you are well informed about your health and the choices available to you.

How does Minimal Invasion Dentistry work in practice?

One example is that we will always try to repair rather than replace a damaged tooth/filling so this reduces the trauma to you and your teeth. We also use materials that “stick” to your teeth to reduce the need for drilling and we do not use mercury based fillings at all.

For gum disease, we closely examine for signs of disease and advise you on any action required. It could be simple as using a different type of toothbrush, changing your brushing technique, or possibly a scale & polish appointment using our ultra sonic scaler.