During surgery hours

Any current patients requiring emergency treatment will always be prioritised to be offered an appointment to attend within 24 hours.

Please telephone as early as possible so we can fit you in, as emergency spaces are often limited.

If you arrive at reception without an appointment you are welcome to wait but we would have to see our appointments first.

Out of Hours

Please phone 111 if the practice is closed for advice.

Emergencies Abroad

For DPAS registered patients, you will be sent a Membership Card. This will have a number for you to contact should you be abroad and need emergency dental treatment. They ensure you will get an appointment within 24 hours with an English speaking dentist. You may also be entitled to claim back the cost of your emergency treatment through the DPAS Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme. 

Trauma Cover with DPAS

As a registered DPAS patient, if you suffer a trauma – i.e. a fall or a knock to the mouth – you can claim for treatment required due to the injury. Please book an appointment as soon as possible.